Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gnomon WorkShop Paint Effects: Polygons & Dynamics

 Gnomon WorkShop Paint Effects: Polygons & Dynamics

Gnomon WorkShop Paint Effects: Polygons & Dynamics [Tutorial] | 4.15GB
Ethan Summers | English | 4 hours of lecture | For: Maya & Pixologic ZBrush

This DVD illuminates the particulars of getting the most out of Maya's Paint Effects. In the second of a series, Ethan Summers teaches you to tune your brushes, optimize large-scale scenes, use Paint Effects objects as particle emitters, and create wind deformations. You'll also learn to correct such frequently occurring errors as blown-out lighting and bad shadows. Finally, Ethan shows you how to integrate Paint Effects with Pixologic ZBrush and Maya's Dynamics.

Topics Covered
Large Scale Scenes
Wind Deformation
Light and Shadow
Brush Tuning
Pixologic ZBrush with Paint Effects
Refining Poly Paint Effects Objects
Paint Effects as an Object Detailer
Paint Effects as Particle Emitters

01. Introduction - Recap of Paint Effects
02. Optimizing Complex Paint Effects Scenes
03. Lattices and Deformation
04. Detailing a Polygon Tree in Paint Effects
05. More Uses for Paint Effects
06. Typical Paint Effects Workflow
07. Paint Effects as Particle Emitters

Instructor Bio
Ethan Summers is a multidisciplinary artist whose interests include CG environments, where he has 13 years experience for clients including NASA, Mattel, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Hewlett Packard, Disney, Sundance Films, Viacom Interactive, Hasbro, Coca Cola and IBM. He is also a fine artist working in abstract painting and sculpted art cars. He has international work experience in Mexico, Japan and the USA. Ethan's other interests include brainstorming design concepts for intuitive software for artists and riding his bicycle whenever possible. Ethan lives in Santa Cruz, California.