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CBT Nuggets Exam-Pack 70-640: Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuring

CBT Nuggets Exam-Pack 70-640: Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuring

CBT Nuggets Exam-Pack 70-640: Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuring
$299.00 - Includes 26 Videos | Trainer: James I. Conrad (Trainer Comments) | Running Time: 16 Hours | 1.2 GB

Whether you’re an experienced database administrator getting up-to-speed on Server 2008 or a brand-new network admin learning Active Directory from the ground up, this is the series for you. James Conrad's video series: Configuring Active Directory for Windows Server 2008, includes plenty of tools to help you shine as an administrator.

James starts by giving you a nuts-and-bolts background understanding of this terrific Microsoft product, including:

* installation
* configuring Domain Name Systems (DNS)
* terminology
* basic security and maintenance

Then he shows you how to:

* manage and monitor Group Policy Objects (GPO) to support users’ accounts
* modify and manipulate accounts using Account Automation
* backup and recover "lost" data
* automate your system
measuresystem performance

Finally he takes you on an in-depth tour of advanced concepts that utilize:

* Server Core
* Read-Only domain controllers
* Server Manager
* Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS)

Server 2008 gives you tools unavailable in previous versions of Active Directory. For example, you can create an extranet directory for outside users that separates them from the enterprise server. And you can use Lightweight Directory Services and Active Directory Rights Management Services to protect documents from insecure distribution such as printing or forwarding email, opening, modifying, printing, or taking other actions.

In no time, you'll be an expert administering Windows Server 2008 roles and features

James Conrad's training in mapped to Microsoft MCTS exam 70-640. Passing the exam also moves you closer to two MCITP certifications: (MCITP): Enterprise Administrator and (MCITP): Server Administrator.

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VTC Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Tutorials

VTC Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Tutorials

VTC Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Tutorials
Author: James Gonzalez | Duration: 09:30 | 104 tutorials
Genre: Video Training | 684 MB

Adobe Dreamweaver® CS4 is the industry-leading HTML editor for designing, coding, and developing websites, web pages, and web applications. Dreamweaver’s flexible workspaces, clean HTML code and deep feature set have earned it a reputation as the tool of choice for Web designers and developers.

In this course, VTC author, James Gonzalez applies his many years of experience teaching Dreamweaver to provide complete but clear, step-by-step demonstrations on how to use Dreamwaver CS4 to efficiently create attractive and effective web pages and sites. To begin learning Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 today, simply click on one of the movie links.

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VTC Adobe Flash CS4 Video Tutorials

VTC Adobe Flash CS4 Video Tutorials

VTC Adobe Flash CS4 Video Tutorials
Author: Michael Hurwicz | Duration: 08:30 | 121 tutorials
Genre: Video Training | 897 MB

Flash is by far the leading web video platform, enabling you to put your marketing message or artistic vision online in a form that can be viewed by almost anyone with a web browser. In these tutorials, VTC author, Michael Hurwicz, provides all the information you need to publish your own Flash video projects.

From putting a video onto your website quickly, easily and elegantly to implementing a customized video player of your own design, these tutorials will provide the foundation you need to accomplish your goals with web video. Join the web video revolution: Create your own cutting edge; media-rich web sites with Flash CS4 Professional. Work Files are included.

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LANGMaster Education 19 CD English Course

LANGMaster Education 19 CD English Course

LANGMaster Education 19 CD English Course | 5.9GB

LANGMaster English Reading Courses + Dictionary (13 x CD-ROM) : English language "cookbook" for beginners.
LANGMaster English in Action - Videocourses (4 x CD-ROM):English with WORLD famous personalities!
LANGMaster English TOEFL® (2 x CD-ROM) : The answer for success at the TOEFL® exam.

LANGMaster English Reading Courses + Dictionary
Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Platform: CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Intranet
Localizations: Arabic, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian, European), Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Vietnamese
LANGMaster COURSES are adapted from the popular Heinemann Readers. These textbooks are designed for English students from beginner to intermediate level. They provide an authentic English context and help improve the fluency and accuracy of your English.
Collins COBUILD Student's Dictionary - The only completely recorded multimedia monolingual English dictionary. You can listen to selected text read by native English speakers. It helps you practice your pronunciation. All the headwords including examples of usage, inflected and derived forms are recorded by professional speakers.
Highlited Features - Dictionary:
283,000 recorded words
50 hours of speech
40,000 definitions, 30,000 examples
Grammar notes, examples, inflected and derived forms, explanations, phrases, phrasal verbs
All entries spoken by native English speakers
Search by entry, grammatical form or phrase
RE-WISE method
Highlighted Features - Courses:
Full story
Useful words
Practice with the story
Voice recording & play back
Interactive exercises
Full color illustrations
20 types of educational activities
Contextual link into the Collins COBUILD Student’s Dictionary
LANGMaster COURSES are enhanced with a number of multimedia features that ordinary books do not have - texts accompanied by sound, interactive exercises,
a storybook cinema, and a number of full color illustrative pictures.
Beginner Level
This level is intended for those students, who are able to use simple sentences in the present or past tense and who have at least a passive knowledge of forming questions and negatives in English. The courses are also suitable for children (10 years or older), for whom a picture dictionary with some basic words is available. For easier understanding the texts and exercises are accompanied by many illustrations. Contains: The Long Tunnel (John Milne), The Garden (Elizabeth Laird), Dangerous Journey (Alwyn Cox), Rich Man Poor Man (T.C. Jupp).
Elementary Level
This level is intended for students, who are familiar with the basic grammar and vocabulary but their knowledge is mostly passive – they have problems understanding native speakers and they recall needed words with difficulty. The course will improve their listening comprehension and pronunciation and will activate and expand their vocabulary.
Contains: The Stranger (Norman Whitney), Room 13 and Other Ghost Stories (M.R. James), The Picture of Dorian Gray (Oscar Wilde), Riders of the Purple Sage (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle).
Intermediate Level
This level is intended for students, who have been learning English for a number of years. They have a large vocabulary and a good knowledge of grammar, but they are still not satisfied with their ability. They are not comfortable making phone calls in English and they need to get the language under their skin. The native speakers in the recordings speak more quickly and the texts are more complicated. Contains: The Sign of Four (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), Dracula (Bram Stoker), The Speckled Band and Other Stories (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), The Woman Who Disappeared (Philip Prowse).

LangMaster English in Action 4CD
English with WORLD famous personalities!
The English in Action edition focuses on listening and comprehension skills. It uses live videotape recordings of interviews as seen on the British Satellite TV station SKY
NEWS. It is real English with nothing added or taken away. Listening to, and studying these interviews is an ideal preparation for listening to radio broadcasts or watching TV programs in English. Listening to English speakers from all walks of life will improve your comprehension and confidence and help you build conversation skills. In the English in Action titles, you will meet a lot of interesting people and find that learning can be both entertaining and didactic. The English in Action Series has already been localized into 12 major languages.

Just imagine that while watching a video in a foreign language you can…
* Read what is being said on screen...
* Stop and analyze any phrase or new word...
* Listen to each word or phrase over and over again...
* Record your voice and then compare it to the original word or phrase ...
* Listen to the phrase, write it down, and let the computer correct your spelling...

You will listen to and learn a language as it is really spoken by your favorite film star, by famous writers and politicians, or by leading businessmen and pop stars. You can listen to and watch e.g. Jackie Collins discussing her latest novel, Bill Clinton expressing his vision for the future, Peter Sutherland debating business strategy, Kim Basinger talking about her life or even Bill Gates speaking about interactive multimedia.
The latest member of the English in Action Series family is The ROYAL FAMILY. Learn English from the members of the British Royal Family – Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Princess Anne and Diana Princess of Wales. Learn about important events and experiences of their lives, like for example Trooping the Colour, Royal Garter Procession and Queen Mother's Birthday.

LANGMaster English TOEFL
Number of CD-ROMs: 2
Level: Intermediate, Advanced
Platform: CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Intranet
Localizations: Chinese (Simplified), Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese

Product description:
The answer for success at the TOEFL® exam
The LANGMaster TOEFL® consists of two CD-ROMs – The Heinemann ELT TOEFL® Preparation Course and The Heinemann ELT TOEFL® Practice Tests. Each title is based on best-selling TOEFL® material published by the UK-based publishing house Macmillan Heinemann ELT. They are suitable for both in-class and self-study.
These courses will help you improve your knowledge of English and bring it to the level necessary to study at American Universities and elsewhere. They will also help you assess your knowledge and identify your weak areas. The courses include not only practice exams, but also complete grammar review and exercises focused on listening and reading comprehension. You will not only improve your grammar and vocabulary but also learn important strategies that will help you to succeed in TOEFL® exam.
The Heinemann ELT TOEFL® is not only a set of practice tests, it is a complete solution for students preparing for the TOEFL® exam. You can work through all the tests under the same conditions as during the real exam, including time pressure. You can see your score immediately after completing a test, review your mistakes and study the correct answers and their explanations. On the basis of your completed tests an Intelligent Personal Planner will design your Personal Plan, suggesting areas of study. The Practice Tests will help you eliminate your weaknesses in areas which could otherwise bring down your TOEFL® score. The Heinemann ELT TOEFL® Practice Tests are linked to the Heinemann ELT TOEFL® Preparation Course through the Personal Plan. There is a Notebook with a diary that enables you to take notes. The notes are then sorted and can be searched according to various criteria. The notes can also be recalled by a date on which they were created. Several users can work with the application at the same time, each of them working with their own Personal Plan for the TOEFL® exam.

Extra Facilities:
Personal Plan
The Intelligent Personal Planner is a unique feature in the program, which will help you find the weaker areas in your English and allow you to concentrate on them.
On the basis of completed tests the Intelligent Personal Planner will design your Personal Plan, suggesting areas of necessary improvement. The Personal Plan will help you eliminate weaknesses that could bring down your TOEFL ® score. The Personal Plan is divided into the same sections as the real TOEFL® test (Listening Comprehension, Structure and Written Expression and Reading Comprehension). The Personal Planner prioritizes the sections according to your performance (the weakest sections in will be first on the list).
Working with the plan is very simple. Start with a diagnostic test from The Heinemann ELT TOEFL® Preparation Course. Then follow directions from the Assistant who will guide you through the checkpoints. Each checkpoint in your plan includes theory (grammar explanations and recommendations) and practice exercises. The Personal Planner cooperates with the Heinemann ELT TOEFL® Practice Tests - all the tests from this title will interact with your Personal Plan.

The Notebook lets you take and sort your own notes you take during the course and other LANGMaster titles. You can take independent notes or attach notes to individual pages (screens) from the LANGMaster applications. Another important component of the Notebook is the Diary. It enables you to schedule chosen notes to be recalled on a specific date.

The Assistant
The Assistant will guide you throughout the course. He will monitor your improvement and guide you from task to task suggesting tests and exercises. He will evaluate your answers and help you follow your TOEFL Personal Plan.

Highlighted Features:
The LANGMaster TOEFL® materials provide a total solution for students' preparation for the TOEFL® examination through a series of interactive tests with diagnostic feedback.
The pioneering "dual publishing" approach is used which among other things makes possible a regular update of data using the Internet.
The student can sit each of the tests under the same conditions as those of a real examination, including time stress and test score evaluation.
Based on the student's actual performance in the tests taken, an Intelligent Personal Planner draws the student's attention to his or her individual weaknesses and suggests checkpoint texts for further study and exercises for remedial action – a process which leads to enhanced scoring in future tests.
An integral 'Notebook' feature acts not simply as location for notes but provides a forum for individual planned learning.

The Heinemann ELT TOEFL® Preparation Course includes:
A complete diagnostic test
Two complete practice tests
68 checkpoints with practice exercises for each TOEFL skill
Checkpoint tests for each TOEFL exam section
Additional listening, grammar and vocabulary sections for extra practice

The Heinemann ELT TOEFL® Practice Tests includes:
Five complete practice tests
Test-taking strategies
Annotated answers to all tests

pass to run cd: langmaster


LangMaster English in Action 4CD

LANGMaster English TOEFL

CBT Nuggets Automating Server 2008 Administration On the Job Training

CBT Nuggets Automating Server 2008 Administration On the Job Training

CBT Nuggets Automating Server 2008 Administration On the Job Training | 398MB

Wouldn't you love to automate tasks like configuring, configuration inventorying, provisioning and deprovisioning? After watching this Don Jones training you'll be automating lots of real-world tasks with Windows PowerShell commands.

Don's cookbook approach shows you exactly which commands to run... and then shows you how they work, so that you can customize them for your own needs.

While this training is not certification oriented, like all CBT Nuggets training, it gives you solid expertise in the topics it covers. Whatever you need to do in Windows Server 2008 R2 -- this will help you automate it!

On-the-Job Training for Automating Server 2008 Administration Contents:

* Introduction
* Windows PowerShell v2 Crash Course
* Active Directory Automation, Part 1
* Active Directory Automation, Part 2
* AppLocker Automation
* BITS File Transfer Automation
* Group Policy Automation
* Server Manager Automation
* Working with the Best Practices Module
* Working with the PSDiagnostics and Troubleshooting Modules
* Internet Information Services Automation
* Hyper-V Automation
* Remote Desktop Services Automation
* Failover Cluster Administration
* Automating Server Backup, AD Rights Management Services, Web Services for Management, and Network Load Balancing

Here's what you'll learn in each video of On-the-Job Training for Automating Server 2008 Administration:

Video 1 - "Introduction" - Course overview

Video 2 - "Windows PowerShell v2 Crash Course" - A quick reminder of how to use Windows PowerShell, including the pipeline, cmdlets, and help. This is just a refresher; view CBT Nuggets: On The Job Training Series: Windows PowerShell if you'd like a full course on PowerShell fundamentals.

Video 3 - "Active Directory Automation, Part 1"

Video 4 - "Active Directory Automation, Part 2" - Learn to automate key tasks in AD, including bulk user creation, user updating, group membership, and more. You'll also learn about the AD security model within PowerShell, and how to use pipeline parameter binding to make bulk operations as simple as connecting two commands.

Video 5 - "AppLocker Automation" - Learn to profile, use, and configure the new AppLocker feature from within the shell.

Video 6 - "BITS FIle Transfer Automation" - Automate background uploads and downloads, and manage active downloads.

Video 7 - "Group Policy Automation" - Link GPOs, create new GPOs, and even modify individual settings within a GPO. You'll also learn to report on GPO contents, compare GPOs, backup and restore GPOs, and more.

Video 8 - "Server Manager Automation" - Use the shell to add and remove roles, create feature baseline reports, and compare features/roles to a previously-created baseline for configuration management

Video 9 - "Working with the Best Practices Module" - Learn to run and view Best Practices Analyzer reports from the command-line - including how to automate BPA batch reporting

Video 10 - "Working with the PSDiagnostics and Troubleshooting Modules" - Use PowerShell to troubleshoot and solve common tasks - you'll even see how to use PowerShell remoting to solve tasks on remote client computers

Video 11 - "IIS Automation" - Learn to use IIS cmdlets and the IIS: drive to automate key IIS tasks, such as creating new Web sites, changing site settings, and more.

Video 12 - "Hyper-V Automation" - Learn to use freely-available Hyper-V cmdlets to automate key virtualization tasks, such as provisioning new virtual machines

Video 13 - "Remote Desktop Services Automation" - See how to use the shell to automate important RDS/Terminal Services tasks, such as listener provisioning and configuration

Video 14 - "Failover Cluster Administration" - Learn to use PowerShell cmdlets to manage, provision, and configure Cluster Service resources and resource groups.

Video 15 - "Automating Server Backup, AD Rights Management Services, Web Services for Management, and Network Load Balancing" - The "Everything Else" nugget - learn to use Windows Server Backup, configure AD RMS, configure WS-MAN/WinRM, and even configure NLB - all from within the shell console.

Rls Date : 21/02/10
Type : Tech Bookware
Supplier : iNK H0RN
Disks : 1 CD

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b. Mount/Burn
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Apprendre After Effects CS3 & CS4 - Exercices Pratiques

Apprendre After Effects CS3 & CS4 - Exercices Pratiques

Apprendre After Effects CS3 & CS4 - Exercices Pratiques | 2.08 GB

THIS TRAINING IS REPLACED IN AfterEffects ELEPHORM WITH ADDITIONS TO THE PRINTER CS4, SEE THE LINK ON THE RIGHT. This training on After Effects CS3 on DVDRom Mac / PC is composed of 25 very practical exercises. With Vincent Papaix specialist AfterEffects, accelerate your learning by using the greatest features of this powerful tool: inlay on blue background, motion tracking, image stabilization, motion design, particle generator, expressions, video compositing, and application examples from the world of production. This training video on Adobe AfterEffects CS3 you will then train you on key functions of AfterEffects and use your own examples. (Beginner to Intermediate).

Learning Adobe After Effects CS3: Training through practical exercises.

Trainer Presentation

Luminance masking
Color correction (changing a color)
Inlay on blue background source Dv
Summary inlay on blue background

Tracking: Tracking Target
Tracking 1 point motion tracking
Tracking 2 points: monitoring rotation and scale
Tracking 4 corners
Tracking complex

Introduction to plug-in Trapcode particular
Creating cloud
Creating rain with rebound
Text that evaporates in smoke

Introduction to internal language - expressions
Using scripts
Introduction to Expressions
Graphic animation based on his

After Effects and Photoshop: Vanishing Point

Animation Exercise
logo Elephorm - Motion Design
Creating particles
3d Environment
Text animation and camera

Realization of a matte painting
Tracking Plan
Calibration and finalization
Export video and conclusion


Vedic Mathematics 3 CD Full Interactive Tutorial

Vedic Mathematics 3 CD Full Interactive Tutorial

Vedic Mathematics 3 CD Full Interactive Tutorial
SoftWare | For PC | Windows + MacOS | WMA | 100kbps | 3CD | RAR | 157MB

The very ancient Indian Mathematics Tricks. Vedic is the Holy Book of Hindu.
Just one example:
Suppose you want the square of 35 (any two digit square ending with 5)
Multiply 3 (1st dig) x 4 (1st dig +1) = 12
write then 5 x 5=25
write one after another
So, The answer is 1225.


INE CCIE Routing And Switching V4 Advanced Troubleshooting Bootcamp DVD

INE CCIE Routing And Switching V4 Advanced Troubleshooting Bootcamp DVD | 2.52 GB

Internetwork Expert CCIE Routing & Switching Advanced Troubleshooting Bootcamp is a combination of lectures focused on structured troubleshooting approach, and advanced hands-on troubleshooting lab scenarios. The class is designed for students seeking to solidify their troubleshooting skills, master structured troubleshooting approach and spot their weak areas. The ultimate goal is fully preparing candidates for the Troubleshooting section of the new CCIE R&S Exam. This is the only product in the market, targeted exclusively at troubleshooting topics.

The lecture portion of class covers topics such as structured troubleshooting strategies and their application to isolating issues found at different layers of seven-level reference OSI model. In addition to this the lab strategy portion of class covers such topics as what to expect the day of your lab, how to prioritize tasks, how to manage your time and more.

During the hands-on portion of the class, students will spend their time working LIVE on the equipment configuring three troubleshooting mock lab exam scenarios not found in any other product line. The exams are modeled after the troubleshooting section found in the real CCIE Lab exam, with multiple trouble-tickets that have to be resolved. The following day (LIVE class only!) students are provided with a graded score report from the previous day's labs and the instructor reviews the labs in step-by-step manner. The instructor provides a detailed breakdown of the troubleshooting process, explains the trouble tickets, comments on the common mistakes that were made by students.

The class consists of two sections - lecturing and hands-on practice lab. The lecturing portion of the class covers the following topics:
* Troubleshooting Process Overview
* LAN Troubleshooting
* WAN Troubleshooting
* IPv4 IGP Troubleshooting
* BGP Troubleshooting
* MPLS Troubleshooting
* Multicast Troubleshooting

Rls.Date....:Feb 14th 2010
Total.CD....:1 DVD
Type........:Video Training

1. Unpack
2. Burn or Mount
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3D-Palace - Architecture in 3DS Max Visualisation Set 1 DVD1

3D-Palace - Architecture in 3DS Max Visualisation Set 1 DVD1

3D-Palace - Architecture in 3DS Max Visualisation Set 1 DVD1 | 1.67 GB

English | AVC1 1064 x 992 | MP3 128 Kbps

A 3D-Palace original! This one of a kind DVD series will bring to you the entire interior modeling process from start to finish. No other set can promise the type of information given to you here in the 3D-Palace Architectural Modeling Series.

Are you tired of skimming through books hoping to match the pictures with your scene? Are you tired of poorly written pdfs that leave you feeling like you missed something?
Are you tired of searching google for architectural tutorials but can only find a few?
Or are you simply tired of buying costly DVD training only to find that they show timelapse recordings or worse yet, pause half way through and show you the "finished outcome?"

Well this series is for you!

Over a span of 3-4 DVD's, this set will bring to you:

-A 5 room floor plan modeling from a cad file!
-Real working doors and windows. No Max prefabs here!
-Small details like electric outlets and light switches!
-Modeling each individual room from the kitchen to bathrooms!
-Texturing all the pieces in the rooms using texture maps and multisubobject materials!
-Lighting the entire interior using different types of lighting from ambient lighting, object based lighting from lamps and photometric lighting from track lights!
-Rendering the entire interior for use in your 3D galleries!

As it stands, DVD1 is available NOW! Take advantage of this early release! By the time you work your way through DVD1, the subsequent videos will be ready for you to proceed with. We decided to release them individually based on the needs of the consumers. Certain videos may be more important than others to some, therefore we will release them as they become available.

Enough of that for now, let's get to the foundation for which the series begins:

DVD 1: Modeling the Interior Structure from the Floor Up

This DVD brings you 17 tutorial videos covering all aspects of the interior process. Starting with importing a cad file, we model the apartment from it. From there, we extrude walls, build custom doors with hinges that actually open and close, custom windows that open and close, trim work, temporary cabinetry, intricate details like outlets, light switches and thermostats and more! This DVD will get you up and running and ready for DVD 2 where we will then go into each room and model the furniture!

Author : Kris Lee
Software Used : 3DS Max
Compatibility :
Duration : 17 Parts, 7+ Hours



Netload: Flash CS4 Professional Tools for Character Animation Flash CS4 Professional Tools for Character Animation Flash CS4 Professional Tools for Character Animation | 145 MB

Author: Todd Perkins | Duration: 01:57 | Level: Intermediate

The animation tools have been greatly enhanced in Flash CS4, and Todd Perkins teaches their advanced capabilities in Flash CS4 Professional Tools for Character Animation. He shows how to master the new Motion Tween model and the Motion Editor to control easing and effects such as Squash and Stretch. He demonstrates how to use the new 3D tools to add rotation, perspective shadows, and layered animations. Complex interactive animations and walk cycles are created without a line of code using bone systems. Todd also demonstrates the power of advanced masking, sound effect syncing, and much more.

Topics include:

* Encapsulating and nesting animations
* Randomizing movement with graphic symbols
* Converting animations to ActionScript or previous Flash versions
* Creating an iris effect
* Saving, adjusting, and applying motion presets
* Adding body movement to walk cycles




Kaplan Schweser CFA 2010 Level 1

Kaplan Schweser CFA 2010 Level 1

Kaplan Schweser CFA 2010 Level 1 | 7.3 GB

Any educational program is only as good as the people who construct and deliver it. We have assembled the most effective, well-respected and competent team of professional writers and instructors to create and deliver Kaplan Schweser’s content and instruction.

CFA 2010 Level 1 Quicksheet
CFA 2010 Level 1 Schweser Note book 1-5
CFA 2010 Level 1 Schweser Practice Volume 1, 2
CFA 2010 Level 1 WorkBook Volume 1, 2



Friday, February 19, 2010 Creating A Portflio Web Site Using Flash CS4 Professional DVD Creating A Portflio Web Site Using Flash CS4 Professional DVD Creating A Portflio Web Site Using Flash CS4 Professional DVD | 991 MB

Flash and ActionScript are ideal for creating flexible, easily updatable web sites that are both unique in design and small in file size. In Creating a Portfolio Web Site Using Flash CS4 Professional, Adobe Certified Instructor Paul Trani shows how to exploit Flash to create a web site that showcases work to clients and prospective employers. Find out how to add dynamic navigation, animation, and video to a page, and how to load, sort and display XML that enables portfolio content to be updated without opening Flash. This course is designed to take your existing tweening skills and gotoAndPlay code and walk away with a fully functional Flash site. Exercise files accompany the course.

1. Getting Started
Understanding web design
Creating a Flash file
Importing a design from Photoshop
Optimizing the design

2. Creating a Unique Web Experience
Dynamically loading an image
Loading random images

3. Adding Navigation
Creating menu buttons
Adding functionality to buttons
Adding navigation
Creating transitions
Simplifying code

4. Creating Sections
Creating web site sections
Dynamically loading sections
Linking to web sites and email addresses

5. Creating a Portfolio
Setting up a portfolio
Adding functionality to thumbnails
Allowing for unlimited thumbnails

6. Making a Flexible Portfolio
Benefits of using XML
Loading XML content
Sorting XML content
Displaying XML content
Using XML to create thumbnails
Displaying content with thumbnails

7. Creating a Video Portfolio
Creating and importing video
Adding a Full Screen button
Creating custom video controls
Adding functionality to video thumbnails

8. Adding Audio
Adding audio to buttons
Adding audio to dynamically created buttons

9. Completing the Web Site
Applying professional transitions
Creating a preloader
Publishing a web site

10. Bonus Sites
Reviewing the "corporate" Flash site
Reviewing the "artistic" Flash site

System Requirements

To enjoy videos at, you will need a minimum screen resolution of 1024X768 and the following software installed on your computer:

* Internet Explorer 6.0 or above, Firefox 3.0 or above, or Safari 2.0 or above.
(Users of 64-bit Internet Explorer 7, please try a different browser)
* JavaScript and Cookies must also be enabled.
* Apple QuickTime 7.5 or above. (Mac Safari users please download QuickTime 7.5.5 or newer to avoid problems with captioning)
* Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Microsoft Windows Vista, Macintosh OS X or Linux.
* Windows Media Player version 10 or higher.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lynda.Com CSS For Developers

Lynda.Com CSS For Developers

Lynda.Com CSS For Developers
Author: Bill Weinman | English | Duration: 04:02 | mov files | 385.57 MB
Released: 2/12/2010

CSS for Developers is designed to give a working knowledge of CSS to web developers and coders who already have a firm grasp of XHTML/HTML and want to harness the power of style sheets to take their web sites to the next level. Instructor Bill Weinman reviews CSS fundamentals, including the benefits and limitations of the language, and then dives straight into creating styles. This course covers how to format text, images, and backgrounds; how to position elements on the page; and how to apply styles, both inline and via an external style sheet. CSS best practices and browser support issues are also addressed. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
* Adding borders and backgrounds
* Choosing fonts
* Changing the color of elements
* Working with sprites
* Positioning with CSS
* Creating a menu bar


Friday, February 12, 2010

The Method Precision Yoga

The Method Precision Yoga

The Method Precision Yoga | 699 MB

AVI DivX | Video: 187 Kbps | 544 x 400 | MP3 128 Kbps | 63 min | English language

From the minds behind the popular fitness program THE METHOD and the teachings of Joseph Pilates comes PRECISION YOGA, featuring three different workouts offering a practical approach to mind and body strength, vitality, and relaxation.

The Method Precision Yoga is made up of a combination of movements and poses selected from today’s most popular forms and styles of Yoga. This DVD offers the practical approach to the learning and practice of this ancient art of mind-body strength and focus. The program is divided into three twenty minute segments.




Luxology Training Videos - 3D to Photoshop CS3

Luxology Training Videos - 3D to Photoshop CS3

Luxology Training Videos - 3D to Photoshop CS3

This series of videos is designed to help you tap the new 3D capabilities of Photoshop CS3 Extended, even if you have never used 3D before. Luxology is in a unique position to offer these videos as we worked closely with Adobe during the development of CS3, supplying technology and content to Adobe Systems. We are excited with the results and have built this video series to help introduce people to what you can now do in Photoshop.

The 3D capabilities of Photoshop are simple but useful. It is useful to have an understanding of what types of models CS3 works best with and how to prepare models in modo (or other 3D application) for successful importation and manipulation in Photoshop. Once the 3D object is loaded and rasterized (rendered) in Photoshop, what next? These and other topics are addressed in this new video series from Luxology. The videos are narrated in English and are appropriate for designers and artists at any technical skill level (basic Photoshop familiarity is useful).



Monday, February 8, 2010

European Computer Driving License v6

European Computer Driving License v6

European Computer Driving License v6 (English) | 530 MB
Genre: elearning

ECDL Foundation is the certifying authority of the leading international computer skills certification programme – ECDL / ICDL. The quality and reputation of our certification programmes are built on over a decade of experience in successfully delivering Information Communication Technology (ICT) certification programmes to over 9 million people, in 41 languages around the world.

Our global success stems from our pioneering role in identifying and developing programme content, our commitment to ensuring rigorous test design methodologies with an ongoing adherence to high quality standards.

ECDL Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that benefits from the unique support of experts from national computer societies and international organisations across the globe. ECDL Foundation has offices in Dublin, Brussels, and Singapore, and appoints national partners (also known as ‘operators’) around the world to implement its certification programmes at national level. This global delivery network operates under strictly defined quality assurance standards thus achieving consistency of programme implementation around the world.

More information


Kelby Training Building Websites With Photoshop CS4 And Dreamweaver CS4

Kelby Training Building Websites With Photoshop CS4 And Dreamweaver CS4

Kelby Training Building Websites With Photoshop CS4 And Dreamweaver CS4
Video Training | 606 MB

RS explains progress of creating a website layout using Photoshop and Dreamweaver CS4, RC shows you steps on Installing and Using Simpleviewer/Tiltviewer Galleries from Photoshop to Dreamweaver CS4.

Lesson 01 Introduction (0:39)
Lesson 02 Using Presets and Browser Templates (8:08)
Lesson 03 Using Guides and Fill Layers (6:13)
Lesson 04 Using Kuler in Photoshop CS4 for Color (7:13)
Lesson 05 Setting up a Project Folder (4:52)
Lesson 06 Using Shapes in a Web Layout (7:35)
Lesson 07 Text in Photoshop for Web Layout (11:47)
Lesson 08 Using Stock Photography for Layouts (11:58)
Lesson 09 Texture Background Layout and Final Comp (13:42)
Lesson 10 Defining a Website in Dreamweaver (5:19)
Lesson 11 Redefining HTML tags - Adding Background and Header (13:55)
Lesson 12 Modifying CSS for Menu and content Areas (19:41)
Lesson 13 The Dreamweaver Template, Editable Regions, and Extensions (12:29)
Lesson 14 Adding Rollover Images to Dreamweaver (8:22)
Lesson 15 Photoshop Smart Objects in Dreamweaver (6:18)
Lesson 16 Using Dreamweaver Web Widgets (8:58)
Lesson 17 Tiltview/Simpleviewer - From Photoshop To Dreamweaver (12:42)
Lesson 18 Tiltview/Simpleviewer - From Lightroom 2 To Dreamweaver (12:18)
Lesson 19 Conclusion (0:30)


Introduction to Computer Science I

Introduction to Computer Science I

Introduction to Computer Science I | 7.62 GB

Introduction to Computer Science I is a first course in computer science at Harvard College for concentrators and non-concentrators alike. More than just teach you how to program, this course teaches you how to think more methodically and how to solve problems more effectively. As such, its lessons are applicable well beyond the boundaries of computer science itself. That the course does teach you how to program, though, is perhaps its most empowering return. With this skill comes the ability to solve real-world problems in ways and at speeds beyond the abilities of most humans.


Lecture 1 - How Computers Work, Binary
Lecture 2 - Introduction to Programming and Scratch
Lecture 3 - Threads and Programs with Multiple Scripts
Lecture 4 - Binary Numbers, Programming Languages, Working in Linux, and Programming in C
Lecture 5 - Secure File Transfer, Variable Types, and Arithmetic Operators
Lecture 6 - Standard Input Functions, Boolean Expressions, and Loops
Lecture 7 - Cryptography, Bugs, Integer Casting, and Functions
Lecture 8 - Local and Global Variables, the Stack, Return Values, and Arrays
Lecture 9 - Strings as Arrays, Command-Line Arguments, and more Cryptography
Lecture 10 - Run Times and Algorithms, Recursion
Lecture 11 - Sorting: Bubble Sort, Selection Sort, and Merge Sort
Lecture 12 - Hardware, Processors, and Implications for Software
Lecture 13 - Greedy Algorithms, Software Design and Debugging
Lecture 14 - Pointers
Lecture 15 - Pointers and Arrays, Dynamic Memory Allocation
Lecture 16 - Pointer Arithmetic, Structures, File I/O
Lecture 17 - Linked Lists
Lecture 18 - Inserting and Deleting Elements in Linked Lists, Doubly-Linked Lists
Lecture 19 - Hash Tables, Dealing with Collisions
Lecture 20 - Pointers to Pointers, Binary Search Tree, Tries, Heaps
Lecture 21 - Heapsort, Jeopardy!
Lecture 22 - Huffman Coding Theory
Lecture 23 - Bitwise Operators, Underneath the Hood - From Code to Executable File
Lecture 24 - Dangerous Functions, Secure Code
Lecture 25 - The Internet and Webpages - HTTP and XHTML
Lecture 26 - Introduction to PHP
Lecture 27 - User Input, Setting up a Login Page, SQL
Lecture 28 - Threats, Part 1
Lecture 29 - Threats, Part 2
Lecture 30 - Introduction to LISP
Lecture 31 - Brief Introduction to System Programming and Machine Organization
Lecture 32 - Conclusions


Sunday, February 7, 2010

CBT Nuggets Cisco Security SNAA Exam Pack 642-515 DVD

CBT Nuggets Cisco Security SNAA Exam Pack 642-515 DVD

CBT Nuggets Cisco Security SNAA Exam Pack 642-515 DVD | 1.22GB

Take your ASA skills to the next level! In this video series, Jeremy Cioara focuses on ASA's graphic interface (called the ASDM). By the time you've finished watching, you'll feel like a network star on SSLVPNs (the next-generationVPN connection for remote users), Certificate-based VPNs and application layer inspection. Plus, you'll be fully prepared to add killer SSLVPN technology to your cooperate network, feel a lot more comfortable working with Cisco's graphic interface and be ready for the 642-515 SNAA certification exam.

Exam-Pack 642-515 SNAA - Securing Networks with ASA Advanced contents:
* Cisco Security: Cisco Certification and Getting the Most from this Series
* Foundations: Access Lists and NAT
* Foundations: Access Lists and NAT, Part 2
* Controlling Traffic: Cisco Modular Policy Framework
* Controlling Traffic: Cisco Modular Policy Framework, Part 2
* Protocol Inspection: Advanced Protocols
* Protocol Inspection: Advanced Protocols, Part 2
* Routing and Switching: ASA VLAN Interaction
* Routing and Switching: Dynamic Routing Protocols
* VPN Technology: IPSec and Digital Certificates
* VPN Technology: Configuring Site-to-Site VPNs with Digital Certificates
* VPN Technology: Certificate-Based Remote Access VPNs
* VPN Technology: Advanced Remote Access VPN Features
* VPN Technology: ASA5505 as Easy VPN & VPN Quality of Service
* SSL VPNs: Understanding SSL / WebVPN Technology
* SSL VPNs: Configuring Clientless VPNs
* SSL VPNs: Configuring Anyconnect VPNs
* SSL VPNs: Configuring Anyconnect VPNs, Part 2
* SSL VPNs: Understanding and Installing Cisco Secure Desktop
* SSL VPNs: Configuring Cisco Secure Desktop
* SSMs: Understanding AIP-SSM and CSC-SSM

Here's what you'll learn in each video of the Exam-Pack 642-515 SNAA - Securing Networks with ASA Advanced:
Video 1 - "Cisco Security: Cisco Certification and Getting the Most from this Series" - With every new program, there is typically an included "Read Me First" text file. In the same sense, consider this nugget the "Watch Me First" of the series. This nugget presents the strategies you can use for getting the most from the series, changes to the Cisco certification program, and the ideal lab equipment to use for the series.

Video 2 - "Foundations: Access Lists and NAT" - Nothing better to get moving in the Cisco realm than the core configurations of Access Control Lists (ACLs) and Network Address Translation (NAT). This nugget focuses not only on reviewing the core concepts, but demonstrating the configuration of ACLs and ACL Entries (ACEs) using the ASDM. The nugget then moves to the order of operation on the ASA and how it impacts your design and configuration along with core NAT configurations.

Video 3 - "Foundations: Access Lists and NAT, Part 2" - The ACLs and NAT continue on as Jeremy focuses on configuring the various types of NAT in the ASDM: NAT 0 Exceptions, Port Forwarding, Static Policy NAT, and Dynamic Policy NAT.

Video 4 - "Controlling Traffic: Cisco Modular Policy Framework" - Of course, one of the primary goals of the Cisco ASA platform is to control network traffic. Cisco has taken this control to an entirely new level with their Modular Policy Framework (MPF) model of configuration. This nugget walks through the concepts behind MPF and demonstrates the three, core configuration items: class-maps, policy-maps, and service policies.

Video 5 - "Controlling Traffic: Cisco Modular Policy Framework, Part 2" - In this nugget, Jeremy takes the Cisco Modular Policy Framework (MPF) to an entirely new level as he walks through multiple, practical examples which culminate by walking through Layer 7 (Application Layer) firewall inspection principles and demonstrations. By time you're done here, you'll be saying, "I LOVE REGULAR EXPRESSIONS!!!" (we hope).

Video 6 - "Protocol Inspection: Advanced Protocols" - You now know that the Cisco ASA has the ability to look deeper into a packet than simple L3 and L4 data. This nugget discusses the application inspection capabilities of the ASA, focusing on using application inspection with the FTP protocol.

Video 7 - "Protocol Inspection: Advanced Protocols, Part 2" - The Application Layer inspection continues into the HTTP, Instant Messaging, ESMTP, DNS, and ICMP protocols.

Video 8 - "Routing and Switching: ASA VLAN Interaction" - Cisco ASA Firewalls have the ability to interact with switch VLANs. This opens an entire realm of firewall possibilities from filtering within your corporate network to isolating companies in an off-site hosting facility. This nugget walks through the concepts and configuration behind implementing VLANs using Cisco ASA Firewalls.

Video 9 - "Routing and Switching: Dynamic Routing Protocols" - ASA's are routers too! You'll be chanting this mantra once you've completed this nugget which is focused on the configuration of RIP, OSPF, and EIGRP on ASA Firewalls. We've also thrown in a little route redistribution just for fun.

Video 10 - "VPN Technology: IPSec and Digital Certificates" - In this nugget, Jeremy lays the foundation IPSec and certificate concepts necessary to understand the process used when building certificate-based VPN connections.

Video 11 - "VPN Technology: Configuring Site-to-Site VPNs with Digital Certificates" - Fasten your seat belts for pure Site-to-Site VPN configuration using Certificate-based authentication! In this nugget, Jeremy goes above and beyond and shows the complete setup of a Microsoft Windows 2003 Certificate Authority (CA) server, installs both CA and Identity certificates on two ASA 5510s, then builds and verifies the Site-to-Site VPN between two locations.

Video 12 - "VPN Technology: Certificate-Based Remote Access VPNs" - Now that you've seen the concept of certificate-based site-to-site VPNs, you can now apply the idea to remote access VPNs using the Cisco VPN client! This nugget is nearly all configuration based as Jeremy builds and tests the power of using certificates to authenticate remote access VPN users.

Video 13 - "VPN Technology: Advanced Remote Access VPN Features" - Whether you call it "Advanced VPN Features" or "Optional VPN Features," this nugget is full of configurations you can apply to your VPN connections. Topics covered include load balancing, split tunneling, backup ASA servers, NAT Transparency (NAT-T), reverse route injection (RRI), VPN Hairpinning, and personal firewall options.

Video 14 - "VPN Technology: ASA5505 as Easy VPN & VPN Quality of Service" - There are many situations where you may find yourself configuring an ASA5505 behind another NAT device (so the outside IP address is private). How do you establish a site-to-site VPN in this situation? That's where Cisco Easy VPN comes to the rescue! This nugget focuses on both Cisco Easy VPN and VPN Quality of Service (QoS).

Video 15 - "SSL VPNs: Understanding SSL / WebVPN Technology" - SSL VPNs (or WebVPNs) represent an exciting new development in remote access VPN technology. This nugget is dedicated to describing exactly what this exciting new development means to you along with the three different types of SSL VPNs supported by Cisco: Clientless, Thin Client, and Full Network Access using SVC or Anyconnect.

Video 16 - "SSL VPNs: Configuring Clientless VPNs" - In this nugget, Jeremy lives in the live ASDM interface as you are taken through the configuration and demonstration of virtually every option behind Clientless and Thin Client SSL VPN connections.

Video 17 - "SSL VPNs: Configuring Anyconnect VPNs" - Cisco Anyconnect dominates completely any other vendor's SSL VPN client. At least, that is Jeremy's unbiased opinion. In this nugget, Jeremy builds upon the previous Clientless SSL VPN by adding the Anyconnect client capability.

Video 18 - "SSL VPNs: Configuring Anyconnect VPNs, Part 2" - The Cisco Anyconnect demonstrations continue. This nugget explores the Anyconnect configuration with using client and server certificates generated by the local CA of the Cisco ASA.

Video 19 - "SSL VPNs: Understanding and Installing Cisco Secure Desktop" - In order to provide Cisco administrators some control of the "anytime, anywhere" freedom provided by SSL VPNs, Cisco has created the Cisco Secure Desktop (CSD). In this nugget, Jeremy explains the concepts and installation procedure of CSD.

Video 20 - "SSL VPNs: Configuring Cisco Secure Desktop" - Feel the TRUE POWER of CSD. This nugget is dedicated to the complete configuration and demonstration of nearly every CSD feature. By time you're done here, you'll be running to implement CSD for your network.

Video 21 - "SSMs: Understanding AIP-SSM and CSC-SSM" - In addition to the plethora of core functionality offered by the ASA, Cisco also offers "add on modules" known as Security Service Modules (SSMs). This nugget covers the different SSMs (4GE-SSM, SSM-10, SSM-20) along with the two implementations: CSC-SSM and AIP-SSM.