Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Enigma by Paul Vunak

The Enigma by Paul Vunak

The Enigma by Paul Vunak | 2 DVD | 2.63 GB
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"You are four hours away from becoming a lethal weapon using the same system I teach 13 government agencies. I will teach you my system of one million techniques especially designed for school owners!! I will share with you for the first time what I call my Golden Goose Principle . This principle I developed has allowed me to give hundreds of seminars, publish many books and videos without ever having to repeat myself. This one tool alone will provide you with an endless well of knowledge which you can teach your students and use for a lifetime." - Paul Vunak

I put together my lifes work into a two-DVD set entitled The Enigma. This set encompasses all the material on my fity one previous tapes and adds all new material never before seen. Also there is a candid interview with me.

This Set Makes All My Others Obsolete
With my previous material tweaked and all the new stuff I share with you in The Enigma, this set makes all my other videos obsolete. Here are a few highlights:

*The exact curriculum I teach 13 government agencies.
*I have condensed 20 years of Brazilian Jujitsu down to my 10 favorite moves.
*My secret Golden Goose principle of One million techniques.
*Bruce Lees six most effective Wing Chun moves.
*For the first time ever I show you what I teach specialized assault units known as quick kills.
*Defense against a knife that will improve ones odds 100% guaranteed.
*Why most disarms will get you killed. I show you what works.
*Military technology adapted for women and children.
*In five minutes I show you how to increase your chances of surviving a carjacking or home invasion 100%.
*How to fight more than one person and win.
*The simple yet effective defense against a large wild man charging you.
The three ways to get a large man off you and come to your feet.
*I will show you the escapes to use in a fight against a headlock, armlock, ground pin, bear hug, rear naked choke and many more.
*I reveal the rare Filipino art of Kinimutai -- the art of uninterrupted biting and eye gouging.
*The incredibly brutal leaping face bite.
*The primate groin bite.
*My top five Escrima techniques. (Filipino Stick fighting)
*Finally I will share the single most important fact in Martial Arts which happens to be the reason behind the title The Enigma.


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