Thursday, September 24, 2009

Richard Osterlind - Easy To Master Mental Miracles

Richard Osterlind - Easy To Master Mental Miracles

Richard Osterlind - Easy To Master Mental Miracles ( vol.1-4 ) | 2,64 GB

Richard osterlind's mental miracles. You can learn to perform these wonderful mental magic and astonish others.
Volume One
* Swami Opener
* Magic Vs. Mindreading
* A Question & The Answer
* Extra-Sensory Perception
* A Word in Thousands
* El Numero
* Syd Bergson Center Read
* Telephone Directory
* Seven Keys To Baldpate
* Marked Thought

Volume Two
* Magic Medallion
* Five Star Prediction
* Clip Line
* Hoy Book Test
* Blindfold Routine
* Flip Flop Flush
* Ultimate Matrix
* The Trick That Fooled Einstein
* Mental Numbers
* Headline Prediction

Volume Three
* Par-Optic Vision
* Fourth Dimensional Telepathy
* The Third Choice
* Locked Eye Test
* Locked Hands Test
* The Abnormal Lift
* Tervil Impromptu Book Test
* Slate Writing
* Living & Dead
* Encore Card Stabbing

Volume Four
* Acidus Plus
* Magazine Test
* Pateo Force
* Pseudo Psychometry
* Predict-Tac-Toe
* Synonymental
* Original Center Tear
* Viewed ESP Prediction
* Spoon Bending
* Key Bending
* Phantom Artist

In this exciting video event, Richard Osterlind, one of the world's top mentalists, opens the vaults and reveals the inner workings of some of the best mentalism ever created. Not self-working, but by no means difficult to do, these classic effects already make up the repertoires of some of the finest mentalists working today.

Richard Osterlind has combed the vast literature of mentalism to find the strongest mentalism and mental magic effects ever created by past and present masters of the art and each will astound even the most sophisticated audience. Watch Richard perform them all before an astonished live audience and then go behind the scenes as he, along with host Jim Sisti, explains the diabolical methods.

Combined with the Real Secrets of what makes these effects work, this series is destined to become a classic resource for those seeking to learn the art of mentalism.