Thursday, September 24, 2009

Zap Instant Hypnosis

Zap Instant Hypnosis

Zap Instant Hypnosis | 1.5 GB

Zapping is a type of "hypnotic induction" that utilizes techniques developed by Master Hypnotist Hon Wong and his son Gordon Fang-Wong. Hon and Gordon teamed up with Jay Noblezada to further refine the technique. Sought out by many of today's top hypnotists and NLP practitioners, The Zap is the fastest induction ever created. The Zap enables the performer to perform an instant induction on a total stranger within 30 seconds of meeting. There's no lengthy pre-talk, music, or lights. This is a hypnosis in its purest form.


The DVD is over 2 Hours Long and features RAW and UNCUT footage of The Zap being performed in public--completely impromptu. Hon and Gordon zap people everywhere they go. You'll love the in-depth interviews, detailed explanations, and TONS of performance footage!

PLUS: a Through-the-TV hypnosis session! Hon Wong hypnotizes you right through the TV screen, giving you the power to Zap!

The Technique

* No electronic devices.
* No pre-show, stooges, or confederates.
* Can be done anywhere, with anyone, at anytime.
* Real hypnosis. No joke.