Friday, November 6, 2009

4-Day Money Making Blueprint4-Day Money Making Blueprint

4-Day Money Making Blueprint

4-Day Money Making Blueprint | 2.2 GB

If You Are Serious About Creating A Consistent, Sustainable Income Online But Aren't Sure How To Do It, Then This Web Site Is Just What You Need Right Now.

Follow Along As I Personally Teach You How To Make $2000- $6000 Per Month Or More, As Fast As Possible, Without Spending A Dime Of Your Own Money!

No Experience, Money, or Website Needed!
So, you want to try and make a go of it online, huh? Is it safe to say you're probably feeling a little bit overwhelmed right about now? It's okay...

You are definitely NOT alone my friend... Thousands of folks just like you try their hand at Internet Marketing everyday and, sadly, most never make a single dime in profit. In fact, most people actually lose money! How?

Well, almost everyone eventually buys some type of course on making money when they have no success on their own.

Perhaps you have already bought a course because of a commercial you saw on TV, or maybe an add caught your eye while surfing the net... and
they haven't worked.

For whatever reason, here you are, looking for someone or something to help you make sense of this big ol' Internet Marketing puzzle... and that is proving difficult as well.

Most likely, if you have been around for even just a day or two you have come across these terms... maybe even seen courses on the best way to learn how to do them, and hopefully make some killer money in the process.

* No Web-Site Needed
* Start With No Out Of Pocket Expense
* No Computer Or Programming Knowledge Required
* Make Long Term, Sustainable Income
* Learn By Watching More Than 15 Hours Of In-depth Video Tutorials
* Free Lifetime Access To Members Area
* Start Part-time, Work at Your Own Pace
* Join Hundreds of Others Who Are Finally Making Money Online
* 8 Week Money Back Guarantee!

So, get out there and start making money online today!

Video 1: How to Use This Course (5:20 min)
Video 2 Introduction to Bum Marketing (15:00 min)
Video 3: Introduction to Finding a Profitable Niche (11:18 min)
Video 4: Finding a Profitable Niche, Part 1 (28:00 min)
Video 5: Finding a Profitable Niche, Part 2 (46:53 min)
Video 6: Finding a Profitable Niche, Part 3 (28:03 min)
Video 7: Finding a profitable Niche, Part 4 (17:24 min)
Video 8: Keyword Research Part 1 (17:22 min) Part 2 (14:50 min)
Video 9: Introduction to Article Marketing (26:22 min)
Video 10: Introduction to (24:39 min)
Video 11: List of Top Article Directories (16:53 min)
Video 12: Article Marketing: Writing Effective Articles (22:27 min)
Video 13: Article Marketing: Article Body (22:43 min)
Video 14: Article Marketing: Resources Box (15:00 min)
Video 15: Article Formatting (10:37 min)
Video 16: How to Write and Submit an Effective Article (21:35min)
Video 17: Article Marketing Bonus Coverage (5:20min)
Video 18: Article Marketing FAQ (37:10 min)
Video 19: Introduction to Squidoo, Part One (31:14)
Video 20: Introduction to Squidoo, Part Two (20:02)
Video 21: Squidoo Review (18:00)
Video 22: Link Love Strategies for Your Articles and Lenses (8:20 min)
Video 23: USFreeAds (8:02 min)
Video 24: Into to Clickbank (21:12 min)
Video 25: The 4 - Day Money Making Blueprint (still evolving currently at 18:00)