Friday, November 6, 2009

High School Level - Algebra II

High School Level - Algebra II

High School Level - Algebra II (video)
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Taught by Murray H. Siegel | Central Arizona College | Ph.D., Georgia State University

Algebra II is the crucial high school mathematics course in preparing for a college education. College students who have not mastered Algebra II find themselves taking a remedial, noncredit course called Intermediate Algebra.

If you are struggling with Algebra II or are preparing to enter college or are currently in college and are struggling with Intermediate Algebra, then this Algebra II video series is for you.

Or if you are an adult who has always wanted to master the beauty of mathematics and now wants the opportunity to do so, this course can fulfill that dream.

A Man with a Plan

Dr. Murray H. Siegel earned his Ph.D. in Mathematics Education. Kentucky Educational Television named him "The Best Math Teacher in America," and he has received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math Teaching. He has been teaching mathematics for decades to students of all ages, and his methods have been tested and proven in real classrooms.

This course is designed, in its sequencing of lessons and in each subject taught, to produce true understanding—the kind of confident knowledge that eliminates the anxiety many have in mathematics.

In this course, Dr. Siegel not only explains the key concepts and methods of Algebra II, he also takes you "behind the scenes." The 30 half-hour lessons show both how as well as why the methods work, using real-world applications to answer the age-old question in mathematics classes: When will I ever use this? With this series you learn Algebra II in a way you have never learned it before.

The series begins by relating the foundation of algebra—polynomials—to the numbers with which you are already familiar. You learn to operate with them, graph them, and solve polynomial equations.

The course then progresses to another essential algebraic concept—the function. Functions of all types are investigated: linear, polynomial (including quadratic), rational, and recursive.

Even the aspects of Algebra II that are usually considered difficult to teach are treated in a user-friendly manner so that all learners can truly understand these topics. Included in this list are matrices and determinants, imaginary numbers, sequences and series, and logarithms. (Yes, with Dr. Siegel as your guide, even logarithms will make sense!)

The final part of the course includes an introductory lesson in Trigonometry.

One important difference not found in most mathematics lessons is that serious learning is punctuated with humor. Dr. Siegel is not a stand-up comedian (although he was a radio talk show host long ago), but his students have never found him boring.

If you want to succeed in mathematics and have concerns that you can be successful in an Algebra course, then this course is for you. Your efforts will be rewarded and you will thank Dr. Siegel for opening the door to mathematical knowledge and understanding.