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How to tie a tie

How to tie a tie

How to tie a tie - Instructional Video
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"Do You Still Get That Frustrated Feeling Every time You Try to Tie a Tie?"

Do you dread having to even wear a tie?" Don't worry, you're not alone. Millions of men are in the same boat.

We do whatever we can to try and avoid situations where we have to wear a tie; but there always seems to a special occasion, job promotion or jog interview where we know that "looks count."

The bottom line is that "Dressing for success" means learning how to tie a tie. But it's not easy to ask for help.

Just ask any man who's been there and he'll tell you that asking someone to teach them how to "tie a tie" can really make you feel like "less of a man".

It's truly an emasculating experience for most men.

But we're here to change all that because we've put together a variety of helpful step-by-step "How to tie a tie" instructions that will help you learn the basics of the five most common necktie knot styles.

Both our "How to tie a tie" print and video instructions cover these necktie knots:

1. The Four In Hand
2. The Half-Windsor
3. THe Full Windsor
4. The Pratt (sometimes called the shelby)
5. and the Bow Tie.

We know that the professional & confident image you'll project after mastering not just one, but FIVE different necktie knots will go a long way toward helping you:

* Getting that first job out of school or maybe a better job
* Get a raise and make more money at work.
* Impress your boss and climb the corporate ladder.
* Raise your confidence and personal self image.

A "static" picture just can't teach you as fast or as completely as an "actual LIVE Video Demonstration" can.

After all, how many times in your life have you said "Just show me how to do it"?

Well now we can. Because The Tie Video™ uses fun, easy to follow step-by-step video instruction & animated graphics, which helps you master all five tie knots in just about 15 minutes!

Honestly, this special instructional video can teach anyone how to correctly tie a tie in just minutes!

And learning how to Tie A Tie is easy because The Tie Video™ walks you step-by-step in both animation and live action through the 5 common necktie knot styles listed above.


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