Saturday, January 30, 2010

Outsource Method

Outsource Method

Outsource Method

Daniel Turner & Marc Lindsay are not new to the internet marketing world, as a matter of fact, they are quite successful and are now making available their system for outsourcing that has helped them leap from barely making a living online to earning 7-figures in a relatively short time. They are respected within the industry and have many high-profile marketers recommending the Outsource Method to their own lists of loyal subscribers.

The course includes 10 modules:
* Module One – Introduction to Outsourcing
* Module Two – The Light at the End of the Tunnel
* Module Three – Establishing the System
* Module Four – Outsource Method System Overview
* Module Five – Outsource Method Advanced System
* Module Six – System Creation
* Module Seven – Final Words
* Module Eight – Outsourcing for Content
* Module Nine – Outsourcing for Design
* Module Ten – Outsourcing for Software
* and an 11th Module that is coming soon!

Each of these modules has:
* Video presented by Daniel Turner
* Written Manual for each Module
* Workbook to keep a consistent Step by Step process happening, forcing you to move forward
* MP3 Downloads for easy listening
* Ipod/Iphone compatible downloads to be able to download direct to your Ipod/Iphone

As well as these 10 Modules there is also:
* 4 Hour private workshop
* Masterclass interviews with people like Ian Ippolito (CEO of Rentacoder), James Schramko, James Brown and more
* Outsourcing templates
* Direct access to some of my Outsourcing Teams