Sunday, January 24, 2010 Ruby on Rails Essential Training Ruby on Rails Essential Training Ruby on Rails Essential Training
Author: Kevin Skoglund | Duration: 10:43 | Level: Beginner
Genre: Video Training | 841 MB

Ruby on Rails aims to make building web applications simpler. In Ruby on Rails Essential Training, expert instructor Kevin Skoglund focuses on the same goal. Kevin explains the complete process—from understanding the fundamental concepts behind any Ruby on Rails project to creating full-featured, easy-to-maintain applications using the Ruby on Rails framework.

Using the practical project of building an online store as an example, Skoglund teaches the basics of the Ruby language. He also covers how to design an application, how to build dynamic interfaces, how to structure and interact with databases, how to create a working shopping cart, and how to regulate user access with passwords. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

NOTE: Several key features of Rails have changed since the release of Ruby on Rails Essential Training in the library.