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CBT Nuggets Automating Server 2008 Administration On the Job Training

CBT Nuggets Automating Server 2008 Administration On the Job Training

CBT Nuggets Automating Server 2008 Administration On the Job Training | 398MB

Wouldn't you love to automate tasks like configuring, configuration inventorying, provisioning and deprovisioning? After watching this Don Jones training you'll be automating lots of real-world tasks with Windows PowerShell commands.

Don's cookbook approach shows you exactly which commands to run... and then shows you how they work, so that you can customize them for your own needs.

While this training is not certification oriented, like all CBT Nuggets training, it gives you solid expertise in the topics it covers. Whatever you need to do in Windows Server 2008 R2 -- this will help you automate it!

On-the-Job Training for Automating Server 2008 Administration Contents:

* Introduction
* Windows PowerShell v2 Crash Course
* Active Directory Automation, Part 1
* Active Directory Automation, Part 2
* AppLocker Automation
* BITS File Transfer Automation
* Group Policy Automation
* Server Manager Automation
* Working with the Best Practices Module
* Working with the PSDiagnostics and Troubleshooting Modules
* Internet Information Services Automation
* Hyper-V Automation
* Remote Desktop Services Automation
* Failover Cluster Administration
* Automating Server Backup, AD Rights Management Services, Web Services for Management, and Network Load Balancing

Here's what you'll learn in each video of On-the-Job Training for Automating Server 2008 Administration:

Video 1 - "Introduction" - Course overview

Video 2 - "Windows PowerShell v2 Crash Course" - A quick reminder of how to use Windows PowerShell, including the pipeline, cmdlets, and help. This is just a refresher; view CBT Nuggets: On The Job Training Series: Windows PowerShell if you'd like a full course on PowerShell fundamentals.

Video 3 - "Active Directory Automation, Part 1"

Video 4 - "Active Directory Automation, Part 2" - Learn to automate key tasks in AD, including bulk user creation, user updating, group membership, and more. You'll also learn about the AD security model within PowerShell, and how to use pipeline parameter binding to make bulk operations as simple as connecting two commands.

Video 5 - "AppLocker Automation" - Learn to profile, use, and configure the new AppLocker feature from within the shell.

Video 6 - "BITS FIle Transfer Automation" - Automate background uploads and downloads, and manage active downloads.

Video 7 - "Group Policy Automation" - Link GPOs, create new GPOs, and even modify individual settings within a GPO. You'll also learn to report on GPO contents, compare GPOs, backup and restore GPOs, and more.

Video 8 - "Server Manager Automation" - Use the shell to add and remove roles, create feature baseline reports, and compare features/roles to a previously-created baseline for configuration management

Video 9 - "Working with the Best Practices Module" - Learn to run and view Best Practices Analyzer reports from the command-line - including how to automate BPA batch reporting

Video 10 - "Working with the PSDiagnostics and Troubleshooting Modules" - Use PowerShell to troubleshoot and solve common tasks - you'll even see how to use PowerShell remoting to solve tasks on remote client computers

Video 11 - "IIS Automation" - Learn to use IIS cmdlets and the IIS: drive to automate key IIS tasks, such as creating new Web sites, changing site settings, and more.

Video 12 - "Hyper-V Automation" - Learn to use freely-available Hyper-V cmdlets to automate key virtualization tasks, such as provisioning new virtual machines

Video 13 - "Remote Desktop Services Automation" - See how to use the shell to automate important RDS/Terminal Services tasks, such as listener provisioning and configuration

Video 14 - "Failover Cluster Administration" - Learn to use PowerShell cmdlets to manage, provision, and configure Cluster Service resources and resource groups.

Video 15 - "Automating Server Backup, AD Rights Management Services, Web Services for Management, and Network Load Balancing" - The "Everything Else" nugget - learn to use Windows Server Backup, configure AD RMS, configure WS-MAN/WinRM, and even configure NLB - all from within the shell console.

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