Monday, February 22, 2010

Apprendre After Effects CS3 & CS4 - Exercices Pratiques

Apprendre After Effects CS3 & CS4 - Exercices Pratiques

Apprendre After Effects CS3 & CS4 - Exercices Pratiques | 2.08 GB

THIS TRAINING IS REPLACED IN AfterEffects ELEPHORM WITH ADDITIONS TO THE PRINTER CS4, SEE THE LINK ON THE RIGHT. This training on After Effects CS3 on DVDRom Mac / PC is composed of 25 very practical exercises. With Vincent Papaix specialist AfterEffects, accelerate your learning by using the greatest features of this powerful tool: inlay on blue background, motion tracking, image stabilization, motion design, particle generator, expressions, video compositing, and application examples from the world of production. This training video on Adobe AfterEffects CS3 you will then train you on key functions of AfterEffects and use your own examples. (Beginner to Intermediate).

Learning Adobe After Effects CS3: Training through practical exercises.

Trainer Presentation

Luminance masking
Color correction (changing a color)
Inlay on blue background source Dv
Summary inlay on blue background

Tracking: Tracking Target
Tracking 1 point motion tracking
Tracking 2 points: monitoring rotation and scale
Tracking 4 corners
Tracking complex

Introduction to plug-in Trapcode particular
Creating cloud
Creating rain with rebound
Text that evaporates in smoke

Introduction to internal language - expressions
Using scripts
Introduction to Expressions
Graphic animation based on his

After Effects and Photoshop: Vanishing Point

Animation Exercise
logo Elephorm - Motion Design
Creating particles
3d Environment
Text animation and camera

Realization of a matte painting
Tracking Plan
Calibration and finalization
Export video and conclusion