Thursday, October 8, 2009

Art Of The Drink - Instructional Bartending Video

Art Of The Drink - Instructional Bartending Video

Art Of The Drink - Instructional Bartending Video
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Genre: Career

You're the center of attention – all eyes are on you.
Confidently selecting a couple of bottles, you pour just the right amount of each into your mixing tin, shake the cocktail with the assurance of a pro, and serve the perfect crystal-clear, ice-cold Martini with flair and style as your bewitched guests hang on your every move!
This is the thrill of bartending, whether you're in a restaurant or right in your own home bar.
Glistening amber Manhattans, redolent with butterscotch and cherry, created before the astonished eyes of your friends.
A frothy, refreshing Bay Breeze bursting with cranberry and pineapple made to order in seconds.
And the sweet mint-and-lime dream that is a Mojito transforming an afternoon on the deck into an instant getaway to a Caribbean island. All made perfectly every time, anytime!

* Get an in-depth tour of the bar!
* Learn "Bar-Speak" terms like up, neat, perfect, and dirty!
* Examine the best-selling liquors including vodka, gin, rum, tequila, and scotch!
* Take a comprehensive course on martinis!
* Get complete shopping lists for setting up a home bar!
* Master the tips and techniques you need to make drinks the way the pros do!
* Save money - be a smarter bar customer!
* Over 1 hour 45 minutes long!