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iPhone SDK Essential Training presents the tools and skills needed to create applications for this mobile platform. Developer Simon Allardice breaks down the process of becoming an iPhone developer, from getting started with the tools and the language to building user interfaces and working with the unique features of the iPhone. With multiple hands-on exercises and demonstration projects, Simon explores the core development tools for iPhone (Xcode, Interface Builder, and Instruments), the language (Objective-C), and the framework (Cocoa Touch). Exercise files accompany this course.

# Table of Contents

Welcome 01:16
Using the exercise files 01:03
What you should know 03:19
1. Getting Started
Registering as an iPhone Developer 02:48
Installing the iPhone SDK 02:20
Joining the Apple iPhone Developer Program 02:04
Building a "simple" iPhone application 06:54
The "four pillars" of iPhone application development 01:38
2. The Tools
Using Xcode 07:44
Using Interface Builder 04:45
Using the iPhone Simulator 04:13
3. Writing Objective-C
Introducing Objective-C 04:28
Object orientation basics 08:34
Using existing classes in Cocoa 08:33
Optional video: Format specifiers 02:19
Calling methods in Objective-C 04:18
Writing your own classes 09:50
Compiling and running your application 05:38
Creating a simple Objective-C project 09:23
4. Memory Management
Introduction to memory management 06:37
Object lifetime 06:31
Cleaning up 06:33
Using autorelease pools 05:05
5. Core iPhone Project Skills
Using the different iPhone project templates 03:59
Using Model-View-Controller (MVC) 02:37
Basic interaction 12:46
Dismissing the keyboard 10:06
Understanding delegation 03:31
Alerting the user 06:50
How your application works 05:34
6. Debugging and Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting your application 09:30
Creating and using breakpoints 08:28
Using zombies to fix problems 09:08
7. Using UI Controls
Creating interfaces in Interface Builder 10:48
Using and customizing the Picker 05:23
Using data sources 11:53
Selecting an item in the Picker 06:31
Understanding and using the Apple UI guidelines 02:28
8. Table Views
Creating a simple table 13:22
Reusing table cells 02:53
Customizing the table 05:44
Customizing table view cells 07:12
9. Multi-View Applications
Introduction to Multiple View applications 02:35
Creating a utility application 06:53
Using Navigation Controllers 03:05
Creating a navigation application 13:38
Using a toolbar 11:44
Using a tab bar 08:09
10. Using the Image Picker
Understanding the Image Picker 04:02
Using the Image Picker 05:43
Checking for available image sources 03:01
11. Using the Accelerometer
Accelerometer concepts 04:17
Switching orientation 11:08
Reacting to a Shake event 04:32
Accessing accelerometer data 05:28
12. Saving Data
Options for saving data on the iPhone 05:47
Saving iPhone application data to property lists 10:32
Saving iPhone application preferences 15:17
13. Animation and Audio
Core animation basics 03:59
Using simple animations 04:48
Core audio basics 06:12
Playing audio files 09:23
14. Finishing Touches
Creating an application launch image 04:08
Creating an application icon 02:58
Introduction to instruments 07:15
Where to go from here 02:33

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