Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Leerburg - Basic Dog Obedience Training DVD

Leerburg - Basic Dog Obedience Training DVD

Leerburg - Basic Dog Obedience Training DVD | 2.5Gb

* Goals of this DVD on Dog Training
* Terminology
* Rules of Dog Learning
* Schedule for Your Dog Training

Training Equipment:
* Dog Training Collars
* Dog Training Leashes

Training Sections:
* An Introduction to Marker Training and Motivation
* Learning how and when to Praise your dog
* Training Your Dog to SIT
* Training Your Dog the DOWN
* Training Your Dog the RECALL or COME
* Training Your Dog the STAND
* Walking Your Dog on a Leash
* The theory of Corrections

What our DVD will teach you:
1- How to train your own dog in your own home.
2 - How obedience training can develop a fun relationship with your dog.
3- How to get control over your dog and make him respect your commands
4- Good information leads to improved confidence in working with your dog. You learn the tools to overcome training concerns.
5- You will learn to problem solve. No one can anticipate EVERY problem EVERY dog owner will have. You will learn how to approach a problem and come up with a workable solution.
6- What to expect from your dog and what to do when the dog does the unexpected.
7- How to develop your timing to reward and praise - good timing is critical to successful dog training.
8- You will learn when to correct your dog, how to correct your dog and most importantly when NOT TO CORRECT YOUR DOG.
9 - You will learn how to approach and organize a training session so you and the dog get the most out of your training time.

While every new dog trainer needs to learn how to correct his dog, every great dog trainer needs to learn how to properly “praise” his dog. Praising a dog is not something that comes naturally to a lot of people, especially men. It is actually an important learned exercise for people.

If you watch a very good dog trainer, he praises his dog at a very personal level. In a training program, “praise” is used to bond with a dog; it is used to remove the stress of corrections and it’s used to build drive.

Dog training should be fun for both you and your dog. This is accomplished by learning to properly “praise." After watching our section on praising, you will not only understand correct praise, you will see what happens when you don’t praise enough, or just as importantly what happens when you praise too much, (we call this




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