Monday, October 26, 2009

Whitewater Kayaking with Ken Whiting

Whitewater Kayaking with Ken Whiting

Whitewater Kayaking with Ken Whiting [Tutorial] | 3,8 GB
Trainer: Ken Whiting | Studio: The Heliconia Press | ASIN: 1896980074 | Run Time: 120 minutes
Essential Strokes, Skills and Safety Techniques For All Paddlers!

An amazing resource for any whitewater kayaker. Like a great surf wave, you’ll play it again, and again! Whitewater Kayaking with Ken Whiting is a special, double feature DVD consisting of the award winning video Liquid Skills (2002 Paddler Magazine’s Best instructional), and the video SOAR – Skills On All Rivers. Together, these videos cover an awesome set of skills that is guaranteed to improve your paddling, whether you’re just beginning to kayak, a competent paddler looking for that edge, or a highly experienced paddler looking to kick bad habits!

Liquid Skills:
An award-winning instructional video shot on the magical rivers of Chile
-Beginner and intermediate whitewater kayaking technique.
-Learn all the fundamental strokes, skills, playboating moves, and the roll.
-The perfect foundation for beginners and experienced paddlers alike.

A cutting edge instructional video shot in Africa and New Zealand.
-Intermediate and advanced whitewater kayaking technique.
-Learn the essential strokes, river running techniques, creekboating techniques, big water paddling techniques, and river safety issues.
-Provides the skills and confidence to tackle more challenging whitewater.