Saturday, October 17, 2009

VoiceBootcamp Unified Communication ResourceKit

VoiceBootcamp Unified Communication ResourceKit

VoiceBootcamp Unified Communication ResourceKit | 720 MB

First of its kind, a comprehensive Audio/Video Guide to Cisco Unified Communication product. Have you ever wonder how some features of CallManger works? Or not sure when to apply them?

UC Resource Kit shows you how to use these features and when and why they are used. It is a video/audio demonstration of Cisco Unified Communication Products features instructed by CCIE instructors. No other product shows you how how to achieve such a task in a one single package.

Contain video Lab 1 to 20 from the Standard Edition covering Unified Communication Manager 7.0:

Lab 01 - UCM 7 Initial Setup and basic configuration
Lab 02 - How to use UCM Group for Redundancy
Lab 03 - IP Phone NTP and Date and Time Lab
Lab 04 - Configuring UCM 7 as a DHCP Server with two scope
Lab 05 - How to integrate UCM 7 with MS Active Directory
Lab 06 - How to use Region to define Different Codec in Different location
Lab 07 - How to configure roaming profile using Device Mobility
Lab 08 - How to define basic Security for a Cisco IP Phone
Lab 09 - Prepare UCM 7 to support Unity Connection and Presence Server
Lab 10 - Customize IP Phone Extension and Caller ID Information
Lab 11 - Add and Remove IP Phone Feature using SoftKey Template
Lab 11 - How to program Phone buttons for different features
Lab 13 - How use Common Device Configuration for group of phones
Lab 14 - How to create IP Phone service
Lab 15 - Preparing UCM 7.0 for Voicemail Server
Lab 16 - Using CTI Route Point to re-route calls
Lab 17 - How to use CTI Port to Re-Route calls to another Phone
Lab 18 - How to add a gatekeeper in UCM 7.0
Lab 19 - How to Add a H323 Client to CallManager 7
Lab 20 - How to configure H323 Gateway