Monday, October 26, 2009

Digital Tutors - Sculpting Caricatures in ZBrush 3

Digital Tutors - Sculpting Caricatures in ZBrush 3

Digital Tutors - Sculpting Caricatures in ZBrush 3 | 1.23 GB

Pixologic authorized training provider Digital-Tutors has released SCULPTING CARICATURES IN ZBRUSH 3 -- the latest release in a growing library of interactive training for emerging digital artists using ZBrush 3.1, the integrated modeling, texturing, and illustration environment developed by Pixologic. SCULPTING CARICATURES IN ZBRUSH 3 provides six hours of project-based training for modelers, sculptors, and illustrators learning an artist-friendly workflow to creating 3D caricature designs, creative techniques to exaggerating key characteristics, and the principles of capturing believable likenesses of subjects.

"SCULPTING CARICATURES IN ZBRUSH 3 allows artists to dig deep into the art of building and illustrating caricatures," said Justin Marshall, Lead Modeling Instructor at Digital-Tutors. "In this newest release, we analyze the prominent characteristics of famous actress, Cameron Diaz, and go into building the geometry and sculpting an exaggerated likeness of her. We then delve into painting and texturing techniques and 2D illustration methods to create a final image," added Marshall.

Popular highlights from SCULPTING CARICATURES IN ZBRUSH 3 include: exaggerating key features, working with SubTool Master, posing models with Transpose Master, merging SubTools, creating clothing using topology, redrawing facial topology, blocking out geometry with ZSpheres, creating adaptive skins, projecting detail into adaptive skins, extracting geometry to create accessories, creating layered compositions, painting with depth, painting over composition, sculpting facial features, changing ZSphere resolution, working from reference art, building teeth and eyes from primitives, appending SubTools, painting hair, and baking and merging layers.