Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Leerburg's Puppy 8 Week to 8 Months

Leerburg's Puppy 8 Week to 8 Months

Leerburg's Puppy 8 Week to 8 Months
146Min | English | XVID 512x384 29.97fps | MP3 128Kbps | 1.37GB
Genre: Dog Training Video

This training video answers all the questions new puppy owners have concerning the care of their new puppy. Ed Frawley has been breeding dogs since 1978 and has produced over 350 litters of working bloodline German Shepherd puppies.

Over the years Ed has been asked just about every question a new puppy owner can think to ask. This DVD was originally produced to be given to every Leerburg Puppy Customer. The intent was to help Leerburg Puppy Customers get through the first 8 months of the puppy's life.

Even though Leerburg only breeds German Shepherds, this new training video is not just for German Shepherds. It's an all-breed video. Your Puppy 8 Week to 8 Months is sold to breeders all over the country who breed many different kinds of dogs. These breeders then give the video to their puppy customers.

The Topics Covered in this DVD on Puppy Training are:

House Training Your Puppy and Selecting a Dog Crate
Puppies That Eat Their Stool
How and Where to Socialize Your Puppy
Dog Containment System
Pups in the House
Safe Toys
Socializing you pup
Controlling Your Puppy in Your House
Exercise for Pups
Communication Between You and Your Dog
Marker Training

Obedience Training Your Puppy

Training Puppy to Sit
Training Puppy to Down
Training Puppy to Come
Training Your Pup to Go for Walks on a Leash
Training the PLACE command

The Target Exercise - why it's so great
Training the Yuck Command - to spit things out that pup has picked up
Dealing with Puppies that Bite
Health Care for Your Pup
Selecting a Vet for your Puppy

Puppy Vaccinations

Vaccinosis - Be Aware of Over Vaccinating Your Puppy

Worming Your Puppy

Heart worms and Puppies

Fleas and Ticks on Dogs

Diarrhea in Puppies


Heat Cycles in Female Dogs

When to Neuter Your Puppy is Discussed in Detail
Puppies' Teething Patterns
Grooming you pup
Trimming Nails and Cleaning Ears (an all-breed approach)
Behavioral Problems
Puppies Chewing

Puppies Digging

Puppies Jumping up on People
Excessive Dog Barking
Kids and Puppies
Raising Two Pups at the Same Time
Introducing Pups to Cats
Riding in the Car
Car Sickness

Feeding Your Puppy - We Recommend the All-Natural Diet

In-Ground Containment Systems

Your Puppy's Medical Needs
Where To Go From Here